jIO has been presented at ECUG Cloud Conference in Shenzhen the 28th of december. ECUG is organized by Qiniu, the leading cloud storage provider in China, and gather developers to exchange on cloud development best practices. Chineses top developers and CEOs present how the uses cloud technologies (Dockers, Go, NodeJS, etc..) to solve problem in Web Services development: scalability, reliabilty... During this conference we demonstarted that jIO and HTML5 are key technologies to provide application for 1 000 000 users at zero cost.

+ HTML5 logo and wordmark = save ¥10,000,000 for your startup

Scalability, cost, interoperability are key problems for Web Start-ups. How to provide applications than can work on all devices, all platforms? How to have my application working with most cloud storage providers and CMS? All this is possible by using HTML5 with and one Simple API: jIO

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