In this new version, the list of storage has increased, so we can still write on:

  • localStorage or on memory with localstorage.js
  • WebDAV servers with davstorage.js

But we also can use several storage handlers, like:

  • indexstorage.js to index documents and to make the allDocs method faster
  • gidstorage.js to make global ids from document metadata to enable interoperability between storages
  • replicatestorage.js associated with gidstorage.js to write on several storages with synchronized data
  • splitstorage.js to split document data and metadata on several storages
  • revisionstorage.js to manage revision for document management and conflict resolution
  • replicaterevisionstorage.js to write on several storages with sychronized revisions

See full documentation here.

Tristan Cavelier

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