JIO version 0.1 released

JIO is been updated to version 0.1.. The new version closely maps to the CouchDB API (methods: Post, Put, PutAttachment, Get, Remove, AllDocs) and has been updated to pass jslint.

As JIO is built to manage documents across a wide variety of storages as well as to allow documents to be shared across storage trees, the inclusion of an internal revision management (versioning) has been the key task for this and the fortcoming release.

We are now putting the finishing touches on Revision Storage and Local Storage. Once the simple storages webDav, S3 and xWiki have been updated and tested with the new API, we will move on to JIO 0.2.

Details on the new API can be found in both the JIO homepage and documentation.

You can fork the latest JIO on Gitorious, Github or from the ERP5 repo.